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4th of July Sale! Three guitars under $500!

For Sale

I have three guitars that I need to try and move, open to offers but these prices are pretty close to rock bottom. All prices are plus shipping. Changes are available but extra, such as different pickups/added controls etc.

This one is a bit of a mess, cosmetically. The shape is a 6120 double cut. Not a true hollowbody, more of a chambered solid with a carved top. All mahogany construction, rosewood board. Features TV Jones T-Armonds with a Hot Rod Circuit. Bigsby B3C with Towner, locking tuners. This was one of the first necks I carved and I’ve actually gone back and reshaped it twice now. Plays pretty nice now. $450, which doesn’t really cover the cost of the hardware.

You’ve seen this one before! The 60s/80s mash-up! 1960s Fender Coronado body, someone refinished it a long time ago. 1980s Fender Japan Stratocaster neck. Pickups are GFS NYII.
This is a true hollowbody and is a fun guitar to play, very 60s feel to it, the Strat neck is really nice. I didn’t refinish anything as it definitely had a mojo to it as is. Trem is GFS and to be honest it’s not very good. $400

And last but not least, the old “Tele Cochran”. TV Jones T-Armond, custom wound P90. Alder body with maple top. Hot Rod Circuit.
Chinese mahogany bound neck, locking tuners.

Nice and light, plays great. There’s a ding on the front of the headstock and holes in the top where the B5 was. I could never get this thing to stay in tune with the B5 so I sold it off and it’s been fine ever since.


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KISS Bass build #2


The second build was easier as I made a wooden template for the body shape to keep things on track. This one was to have the leather patch with studs attached. Customer also requested a boost circuit for the mysterious third knob.

Came out pretty nice, mildly reclic’d. Balances perfectly and plays very nice. Contact me if you want one of these!



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Gene Simmons KISS replica Bass

Custom Guitars

A client asked me to replicate the early 70s version of the custom built bass that LoBue made for Gene Simmons. Took quite a bit of research, there really aren’t many quality pictures of it out there and to make it worse, the original was stolen years ago. Mr. Simmons accounts of what it was and where it went change on a regular basis, so he’s no help.

Mahogany construction, 30″ scale length, Schaller roller bridge and tuners. Gibson-style ‘mudbucker’ pickup.

Turned out to be a nice instrument as well as looking the part. Here’s hoping the client is happy with it. Want something similar… or something nothing like this? Gimme a yell.


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Burl Maple topped chambered Eman Special. $1101.93

For Sale

I had this burl top laying around for a while, I was going to use it on a high end bass but decided to go ahead with this six string instead. Alder body, figured maple neck with burl on the headstock. 25.5″ scale, medium Jumbo frets and 12″ radius. Two way truss rod. Locking tuners, Bone nut.

Pickups are Brian May Signature Burns Trisonics.

5 way switch for ‘normal’ Strat -type selection. Push/Push Tone switches the neck pickup on independently for the additional option of bridge/neck and all three at one.
Volume is a push/push and in positions 1and 2 gives you the Bridge and middle in series for those cool Brian May tones. Positions 4 and 5 give you middle and neck in series.

So that’s 9 individual pickup selections all from the classic Telecaster plate look.

Bridge is Gotoh/Wilkinson 2 point trem in chrome.

Guitar sounds and plays well. As is the norm with my builds, this is a Tru-Oil finish with a couple of cosmetic flaws because I’m an absolute klutz sometimes.

Shipping to lower 48 included, this guitar is CITES friendly and if you want me to ship it out of the country, contact me.


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Custom Semi Hollow Bass

Custom Guitars
Edit: I started playing this one with the band and they all love the sound, so I guess I’ll just play it for a while.
Here’s a bass I just finished building. Mostly chambered walnut construction with maple laminates in the neck-through for rigidity. 35″ scale with a thick ebony fingerboard, 16″ radius and medium-Jumbo frets.
Top is spalted maple. Guitar is hand finished in Tru Oil.
Pickups are GFS REDActive as is the wiring. Sounds really good and super noiseless. 9V battery required. All black hardware. Two way truss rod. Graphite nut.Nicely balanced and weighs less than my Ric 4003. 35″ scale gives the low E ‘authority’.Any questions, let me know. Price includes shipping to the lower 48.
International peeps, get hold of me and we’ll work it out, it’ll be extra of course.

No case.

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Eman ‘Vette” Custom SOLD!

For SaleSOLD!

I built this recently as an homage to the Gretsch Corvette. I always liked the funky 2+4 headstock and cool body shape.

As an alternative to the Chinese-built ones of today, here is an all mahogany Made in the USA version!

Pickups are TV Jones Powertrons. 1 meg pots all round, Master Volume, neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume and master tone.

Fretboard is bound ebony with medium jumbo frets and 12″ radius. Neck has a chunky profile, feels fat in your hand. Nut is bone.

Cut down Bigsby and a Towner tension bar. Bridge is a Wilkinson roller.

This is a rock machine!

I can build one to your specs, let me know!




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5 string narrow neck custom bass

For SaleSOLD!

This is a bass I built for myself so I wasn’t too concerned with cosmetics, as a result there are a couple of blemishes in the thin nitro, that said…

It’s fairly lightweight (compared to my Rickenbacker 4003), plays well and sounds great. Bridge pickup is a 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 that I picked up damaged. I had it rewound and it sounds awesome. The neck pickup was just a shell and I had the same guy that rewound the bridge pickup build a humbucker to fit it.

Neck-through construction, mahogany and maple throughout with a couple of walnut stringers for contrast.

Two way truss rod and a pair of carbon fiber rods in the neck enable the neck to be slim and still hold up to the 5 string tension easily.

Pau Ferro fretboard with real abalone fret markers. 16″ radius, medium jumbo frets and 33″ scale. Graphite nut.

Kahler USA Bridge.


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EMS #1 for sale, $1199, lower 48 shipping included.

For Sale

Shown here is the first Eman Special I built.

  • Chambered alder body with spalted maple top.
  • Lipstick pickups with 5 way Strat style switching.
  • Two point Gotoh/Wilkinson tremolo.
  • Maple and ebony neck with two way truss rod and locking, staggered tuners, bone nut.
  • 12″ radius fretboard, medium jumbo frets.
  • 25.5″ scale.
  • Contoured body for comfort.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Plays great and sounds great. Tone is closer to the old 60s Strats than the ones of today. Clear and precise. Trem feels nice, easy action. Neck is finished in Tru-Oil and the body is finished with clear nitrocellulose.
I will ship internationally but we need to talk about it first if that’s what you want.
Price includes shipping to the contiguous United States in a new case.


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