Lightweight EMS red $650 delivered in the USA *SOLD*


This super-lightweight guitar has a paulownia body and a nitro finish.
Three lipstick pickups give you a slightly mellow yet clear Strat-like sound, 5 way switching.
Two point Gotoh/Wilkinson trem, floats nicely. In one of the pics you can see I added a block of ash for the the trem inserts so they don’t move in the softer paulownia.
Allparts licensed Tele neck, slight recontouring and nitro finish with bone nut.
Contoured body for comfort. So light you hardly notice it’s there.

The body is soft and the nitro is thin. Consequently, it’s pretty easy to ding and it’s already picked up a couple, so I’m adjusting the price accordingly.

I will ship internationally but we need to talk about it first if that’s what you want.
Price includes shipping to the contiguous United States in a new case.

I do build variations on this theme, I’m in the process of building a burl topped version with Burns Trisonic pickups. Contact me if you have specific requirements.


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