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Custom Fretless Bass For Sale

For Sale

This bass is a mash up of different styles of bass in one. It has the classic Rickenbacker shape, but with a carved maple top similar to PRS style. It has a bolt-on maple and ebony fretless neck in the Fender style. Neck pocket is standard Fender size in case someone wanted to put a fretted neck on.

Pickups are Rickenbacker, the bridge pickup is a 1974 4001 pickup, the neck is a 2007 4003 pickup. Bass sounds GREAT! Neck has a 16″ radius with white side dots where the frets would be and gold side dots where the traditional markers would be. Way easier to play than you’d think, lots of fun to noodle on. Should be louder than most, the knobs go to 11!! The instrument is perfectly balanced on the strap. Tuners are Hipshot Ultralights and the bridge is a Hipshot A. Body is made from poplar with a thick maple cap and nitro finish. 100% Made in the USA! Serial # 513619

And for only $2500! Any questions, send me an email at



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Custom Semi Hollow

Custom Guitars

This build was for a customer who already bought two guitars from me… he knows what he likes!

Mahogany neck and body, maple top. Ebony fingerboard with gold EVO frets. Seymour Duncan pickups. Light and sounds great!




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Jazzy Baritone

Custom Guitars

Did this one recently for a customer. Warmouth neck that I tinted with blue nitro, I made the body.

Came out pretty cool I think!


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Gene Simmons KISS replica Bass

Custom Guitars

A client asked me to replicate the early 70s version of the custom built bass that LoBue made for Gene Simmons. Took quite a bit of research, there really aren’t many quality pictures of it out there and to make it worse, the original was stolen years ago. Mr. Simmons accounts of what it was and where it went change on a regular basis, so he’s no help.

Mahogany construction, 30″ scale length, Schaller roller bridge and tuners. Gibson-style ‘mudbucker’ pickup.

Turned out to be a nice instrument as well as looking the part. Here’s hoping the client is happy with it. Want something similar… or something nothing like this? Gimme a yell.


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