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Pink Paisley replica light relic .SOLD!

For Sale

This was built using my same formula of all new parts, lightweight paulownia body, Fender licensed maple neck (7.25″ radius), Slick brand Fullerton pickups (they ROCK!) and all Fender hardware except the knobs. Quality American electrics.

Guitar weight less than six pounds and just sings.  Plays great also.

Note: NOT A FENDER! Decal added for authenticity, get your James Burton on or play “Nationwide” commercials, your choice!

This guitar is now sold, contact me if you want something similar built!

Contact me through this site!

Very cool hollowbody for sale

For Sale

This is a full hollowbody 60s era Fender Coronado body that I adapted to take an 80s Fender Japan Stratocaster neck. Other parts are all new. The NYII pickups sound really good here, very vintage vibe. I didn’t refinish any of the woodwork to retain the mojo. This guitar plays really nicely. Someone sometime scratched off the “made in Japan” section of the headstock decal. Not sure why.

Only $650!

Any questions, lemme know.
I don’t have a case for this, so we might have to go the $100 UPS store packaging, but we can sort that out.



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SOLD!. Genuine 60s Gretsch


Genuine 60s Gretsch body made in Brooklyn NY and choc full o’ mojo.

I added the neck as a project a couple of years ago. I recently refinished it in Nitro black. Finish is not perfect of course, but it all adds to the feeling of this great playing guitar. It’s light and well balanced and sounds great. Pickup is a modified (because you can’t get them as a ‘dog ear’) Seymour Duncan P90 “Stack”. There is a three position switch with very different tones and responses. Switch towards the knobs gives you full humbucking almost Gibson PAF tones. Middle position is single coil for a P90 spank. Third is a parallel option which is even brighter than the single coil setting. “No-Load” tone pot, meaning when it’s off, it’s bypassed for true tone.
Limited lifetime warranty!

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